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Hello from Informing London

"London's new home to what's going on" 

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Plain and simple, Informing London is a site that gives advice to Londoners on what to see and do in and around the city. 

Informing London is London's New home to What's Going On covering a variety of areas encompassing Entertainment, Arts and Cinema Reviews, London Life, money-saving tips and bits and bobs from the wider world of culture. It certainly will be a work in progress and will grow within the coming weeks and months :) 

Our Editor, Callum Stott pens a new series called "A Scot in London", in which he experiences living in the big smoke for the first time and ways to live in the city alongside the many things he gets up too.

Our content will be a mix of reviews and content from an internal team and external contributions to deliver the ultimate experience for you.

Thanks a lot for being with us at the start of this journey and get excited for all that Informing London has in store.

If you wish to send us any Press Releases, or enquire about advertising on our site, please get in touch on

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