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Jack Whitehall: Stood Up


Review by Callum Stott.

"Jack really connects with his audiences, almost as a friend rather than a comedian."

Highbrow anecdotes, political satire, and stories that really make you think deep-down are definitely three things you will not get in a Jack Whitehall set, however his personal brand of always being a bit edgy and fresh whilst never shying away from his fortunate upbringing makes him a real comic mainstay who knows his audience and really has become a brand in himself.


A lot of what I love Jack is that he always on the audience’s side. Whilst many others can tend to focus on and jokingly slag off their paying punters, Jack really connects with his audiences, almost as a friend rather than a comedian. He really gives you a look into his life like we are his mates sharing a pint with him and to convey this feeling in an area setting like the O2, this shows Jack always has his audience’s interests front and centre.

Jack also is a naturally good observational comic who focuses on the simpler things in life that really annoy us. A few of my favourite observations and gripes included the impracticalities of a hotel slide through toaster which always burns after going through more than once, overly burning the bread after not toasting correctly on the first two failed attempts.


Milk was also a theme explored by Jack which goes in-depth about the number of unnecessary kinds of milk that are now on offer and the grand finale to his performance involved a musical spectacle involving Christmas and an Emu – I shall say no more! Also, if you wait to the very end, you may be in for an extra little surprise (so do stick around).

With every level of comedy, there are some gaffs and I feel the set could have been utilised a lot more effectively as it was very simplistic and very much did not scream “arena”. Also, the pacing of the show could have been slightly improved and felt like a good hour’s worth of material over 90 minutes.

Ultimately, if you are a fan of Jack and his TV work or want a night out where you can get away from all the drama and laugh about the feeding practices of Ducks, this night is truly enjoyable!


Jack Whitehall Continues his Stood Up tour around the UK throughout November, December and January returning to the O2 in December and Wembley dates are now on sale for January 2020.

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