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Max Fosh - Zocial Butterfly
Review by Callum Stott.

"Expect a hilarious hour inside the mind of one of the country’s most successful YouTubers."

Can a famous Youtuber successfully transition from starring in viral videos to performing a sell-out show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe? This reviewer certainly thinks so.

Max Fosh is one of the UK's most popular Youtubers with a subscriber following of over 1.3M and views of regularly over 5M for his video content. His videos often focus on really absurd ideas and making them a reality. These have included running for Major of London, becoming the World's richest man for 7 minutes, or making tourists beli they had landed at Luton Airport instead of Stanstead, to name only a few. 

Max's fringe show, Zocial Butterfly is a blend of him talking through the process of coming up with these ideas – which he notes is usually fairly random – whilst allowing the audience to be a big part of his show. Without giving too much away, a fun moment was when Max tried to find the poshest audience member in the audience by asking questions like, Have you ever called your parents Mummy and Daddy?

Overall, Max is at home on stage. For this being his first stand-up show, I think he creates a great blend of giving his YouTube fans what they want whilst allowing those unfarmilar with Max’s work to get to know him and the absurd situations he has experienced. 

After the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the show will do one night at London Palladium, a big increase from performing to around 60 per performance at the Fringe, to then performing to over 2000 people later in the year. If you can get a ticket, expect a hilarious hour inside the mind of one of the country’s most successful YouTubers.

Maz Fosh - Zocial Butterfly runs at the Underbelly, Bristo Square until the 29th of August.

Sold out run. For returns book tickets here

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