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Edward Scissorhands Review - Festival Theatre, Edinburgh

Updated: May 17

Utilising the very successful Tim Burton movie Edward Scissorhands and reinventing the story for the stage gives audiences a sense of the familiar whilst transporting them to explore a new art form as for many in the audience, Edward Scissorhands may be their first experience of ballet. As families of all ages stepped foot in the theatre, no one could anticipate the sheer brilliance that was about to unfold in front of them. Brilliance in storytelling, choreography, costume, and overall look and feel, this is a ballet for everyone.

The story is very similar to that of the original Tim Burton Movie. Following an accident, Edward is reassembled as a human clone by his father, a scientist. His father dies before Edward is completed, leaving him with Scissors for his hands. He then ventures into the town and is cared for by a kind family. The town's people are equally fascinated and perplexed by Edward as he tries to start to fit in.

Transporting a Tim Burton movie to the stage through dance is no mean feat. Matthew Bourne and his company New Adventures have transported the feel of the film to the stage whilst giving it its own identity. Bright pastel colours of the town and its people perfectly clash with the dark blues and blacks of Edward Scissorhands. These dark blues and blacks create a sense of mystery, darkness and edginess, perfectly radiating the character of Edward. The use of projections to show narrative and weather features, like snow, is very effective and feels movie-like. The stage almost feels like a cinema screen with dance and illusion, making the performance incredibly cinematic. Through dance, characters have to express their desires and wants, and each character can articulate their motivations through clever choreography, movement, and detailed facial expressions. 

Everyone was incredibly brilliant, especially Liam Mower as Edward. He is a phenomenal talent, and you can't take your eyes off him whilst he is on stage. The rest of the dance company is amazing, with no foot out of place. The Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, is perfect for large-scale productions like this, with lots of dancing and beautiful intricate sets. 

Overall, this will be a night you will not forget. If you are a big fan of the Tim Burton movie or seeing the tale for the first time, you will have a blast.

This show is rated ★★★★★

Edward Scissorhands runs at Festival Theatre, Edinburgh till the 18th of May. The show then tours to the Theatre Royal Glasgow from 21st May - 25th May.


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