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☆☆☆☆☆ Hamilton Review - Edinburgh - By Callum Stott

The legacy of one of America’s lesser-known founding fathers is spotlighted in this seven-time Olivier Award-winning musical juggernaut. Hamilton continues to dominate the Musical theatre landscape hosting productions both in London and on Broadway. Now Scottish audiences are given their shot to experience this musical here in the heart of Edinburgh.

For those unfamiliar with Hamilton, the musical tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, an orphaned immigrant who rises to become one of the highest-ranking members of US politics, becoming President George Washington’s right-hand man. His top-notch brain led him to create many influential essays and he was a key political figure at the beginning of the founding of America. Alexander Hamilton’s life was also filled with scandal due to issues in his private life, committing acts of adultery, and having strong views on others like Aaron Burr, who eventually finishes Hamilton’s life.

The musical uses contemporary music, rap, pop, and traditional musical theatre styles to tell this story interestingly and brilliantly. Lin-Manuel Miranda who created the piece is clever at taking key points of Hamilton’s life and making the story flow through music and performance, filled with passion and energy. The choreography by Andy Blankenbuehler, brought to life by UK Associate Choreographer Carrie-Anne Ingrouille, hits you as an audience member. Scenes are moved through seamlessly due to the clever use of choreography. David Korin’s set design transports to 18th-century America with bricks, ropes and wood, making it feel authentic to that time. The added stage revolve adds extra movement and fluidness to the piece. Making the show sound good within the Festival Theatre is also a massive task, and Kelsh B-D and their team nail this with every character picked up and the sound sounding fantastic.

You are treated to a brilliant cast led by Shaq Taylor as Alexander Hamilton. Having seen him perform as the Beast in a recent production of Beauty and the Beast, there was no doubt he would deliver an excellent performance, and he has great acting and vocal ability. He can allow audiences to empathise with the character. Maya Britto is also fantastic as Eliza Hamilton, the wife of Alexander Hamilton, and her take on the song Burn left you with goosebumps. Charles Simmons also delivered a strong take on George Washington, and the audience loved his rendition of One Last Time. The entire ensemble is incredibly talented and is every bit as good as the West End production.

This production is so worth the hype. Hamilton is brilliantly written theatre, that allows a complex subject matter to be told in an accessible and contemporary way. Tickets are almost sold out for the entire run, but try your best not to miss your shot at seeing this musical phenomenon in its Scottish premiere.

This production has been rated ☆☆☆☆☆

Hamilton runs at Festival Theatre, Edinburgh until the 27th of April. Visit for any remaining tickets.


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