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★★★★★ Kieran Hodgson: Big in Scotland review - Review by Callum Stott

Kieran Hodgson ditches English Kieran and becomes Scottish Kieran in this one-hour exploration of the oddities of Scottish life told through English eyes. It’s a comedic look at Scotland’s identity in the world, described comically by Kieran as “A bigger Wales”. After delivering an ill-received best man’s speech to his friend, Kieran decides to ditch the pompousness and embrace Glasgow life, taking up Gaelic lessons and chatting Scottish Independence with Elaine C Smith – how much more Scottish can you get!

Kieran is in no way a stranger to Edinburgh and the Fringe. He has appeared many times, and in recent years gained huge popularity due to the successful BBC TV series, Two Doors Down, in which he stars as Gordon. His fans will flock to see this latest Fringe effort; they certainly won’t be disappointed.

On Kieran’s move to Glasgow, he encounters a coffee shop worker (who he jokingly says is Harry Lauder), who wishes him a big welcome in the song “People Make Glasgow”. This nod to the Glasgow slogan is hilarious and shows his talents as a singer and performer, as shown in the Prince Andrew Musical late last year on Channel 4. This show is a send-up of the people of Scotland and the little things that make us unique and slightly different. Usually, this would come across as a mockery but is the total opposite. Kieran always is the one who comes up comedically badly and ultimately shows his admiration for the people of Bonnie Scotland.

Kieran performs multiple impressions throughout, including a hilarious version of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and perfectly embodies his Two Doors Down co-star Elaine C Smith. He discusses his first meeting with Elaine and how friendly she was. The mood changed when the conversation turned to Scottish Independence. He imagined that in Elaine's Eyes, he came across like a Margaret Thatcher in male form.

He is a talented performer who is a success story of the festival. Kieran has worked his way from performing in small capacity spaces to now selling out larger venues, refining his craft to become one of the best to see this fringe. It's an entertaining hour of comedy filled with funny moments throughout.

Kieran Hodgson: Big in Scotland runs at Pleasance Courtyard until the 27th of August. This show is sold out. Any returns would be available here:

Kieran embarks on a UK tour of the show after the Fringe run, find out details here:



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