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★★★★ Kokoon Review - By Abi Whitefield

Kokoon presents a K-Pop boy band comedy extravaganza. With sleek dance moves, insane beatboxing, handbells and audience participation, what more could you want from a show? This show has something for everyone, even if you are not a massive K-Pop fan.

Five band members give you the ultimate boy band experience, with some seriously sleek dance moves, dramatic lighting and parody boy band archetypes. You feel like you are at a concert. The fifth member of the band, Won Ki, steals the show with his excellent comedic timing, presenting him as the loveable one that does not quite fit in with the other, more polished band members.

You would think music and dancing would be the ultimate skill of these acts, but this is not the case. An impressive skit where Won Ki beatboxes sound effects which control the other boy band members on stage put the audience into hysterics. A fun rendition of ‘In the Jungle’ with some remarkably accurate animal impressions wins the audience over, and even handbells became entertaining in this show.

It appears that the members of Kokoon, despite their amazing performances, were miming along to the backing tracks, which lost a bit of the show's magic. There were also significant gaps between the stages of the show when the band members got ready for the next scene, which held up the flow of the performance. However, their sharp moves and fantastic tunes made up for it.

Kokoon provides a super fun way to spend an afternoon in a show unlike one you have seen before. You won’t leave disappointed!

Kokoon ran at Assembly Checkpoint until the 13th of August.



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