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★★ Lucky Pigeons Review - By Abi Whitefield

Lucky Pigeons is a family-friendly show brought to the Fringe by BrainFools, with five performers on stage. The show is aimed at younger family members, interweaving circus skills, physical theatre, juggling and comedy. The main protagonist interacts with a cast of pigeons, which evolve from puppet pigeons to human pigeons, and back to puppets. The show is somewhat immersive, involving children in various places throughout the piece.

Lucky Pigeons is structured around a giant frame, which is well-utilised by the cast members for various acrobatic activities. Particularly impressive is the semi-vertical tightrope walking and juggling skills. The pigeon puppetry and human pigeons are the most entertaining part, particularly when they lay their eggs. The story of a pigeon stuck in plastic pulls on the heartstrings.

Despite the main protagonists' clear attempts to engage the audience, their messages were unclear and often felt condescending. Although the show is largely unspoken, where speech did occur, it was difficult to decipher over the backing music. If you’re expecting a show full of acrobatics, you’ll likely be disappointed, with them lasting a relatively short period.

This show clearly isn’t aimed at adults, so let’s hope children find it more captivating and flock to see it.

Lucky Pigeons runs at Underbelly’s Circus Hub on the Meadows until the 26th of August. Book Here:



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