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★★★★ Made for This! A Musical Theatre Showcase Review - By John Murray

In just under an hour, the energy bursts forth from the large stage in a slick non-stop journey of favourites devised by musical theatre and contemporary artists.

Northbrook College from Worthing have made their debut show at the Edinburgh Fringe. A massive cast of talented and enthusiastic BA degree graduates in musical theatre, dance & stage management and Technical Theatre opened this week in the Emerald Theatre, part of Greenside venues in Nicolson Square.

As well as these talented graduates, the group have included a few 1st and 2nd-year students to give them unparalleled experience. Opening the show with This Is Your Life (from The Battery’s Down), the deep and wide floor of Emerald Theatre is used to its maximum as it has the audience on three sides and produces an immersive experience of light, dance and songs. Carefully programmed and as slick as any West End show, the opening sequence forms part of ‘The Audition’.

Chapter 2 is ‘The Process’ with Say Goodbye from Dreaming Wide Awake pitch perfect from Kizzie Ravera and Ella Sutton. The highlight from Chapter 3 (The Dream) is an unexpected Elton John medley covering some up-tempo hits like Pinball Wizard (from Tommy) and Saturday Nights Alright (For Fighting) as an ensemble piece with choreography by Chloe Richardson & Lauren Jade Wild. Chapter 4 hosts the Made For This section with Dolly Parton’s underrated 9 To 5 composition Shine Like The Sun and a fitting finale to a glamourous fabulous show.

Made for This! A Musical Theatre Showcase ran at Greenside @ Nicholson Square on the 19th of August.



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