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★★★★ Out of the Blue Review

Out of the Blue bring their renowned acappella show to the Fringe from Oxford University for the 19th year. It is evident that many of the audience members are repeat customers from years prior, with pulsing enthusiasm from the audience. The show features catchy tunes, dancing, and some surprising comedic moments.

Out of the Blue are a well-oiled acappella machine. Featuring songs such as Little Mix’s ‘Wings’, an entertaining Frozen mash-up, 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' and some cheeky ABBA thrown in. This show is full of fan favourites. The harmonies and compositions are strong, often emotions are high, and some vocalists are exceedingly talented.

There are some stand-out performances, including the lead vocalist of ‘Wings’ and the synchronised mic-moving demonstrates just how well-practised these performers are. A clear highlight of this show is the outstanding tap dancing, which is cleverly used as percussion, alongside the group's impressive beatboxer, providing a unique and engaging moment. It proved a hard act to follow.

Although a strong performance kept the audience on their side, the sound was poorly balanced at the start of the show, and not all the vocals stood up to the test. Some of the dancing feels a little awkward or under-utilised, with most of the performers' vocal talents clearly exceeding their dancing skills.

Despite these minor issues, the show captivated the audience and left them thoroughly entertained, wanting more. These boys are very talented.

Out of the Blue performs at Assembly George Square Theatre until the 28th of August. Book Tickets here:



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