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The Pantomime Adventures of Peter Pan Review - By Callum Stott

As we are now firmly in the rundown to Christmas, Panto is back in action, and this year’s offering of The Pantomime Adventures of Peter Pan at the Festival Theatre Edinburgh is as uplifting as ever with clever special effects, and in Allan Stewart and Grant Stott, two panto veterans who deliver a masterclass in pantomime.

© Douglas Robertson

In The Pantomime Adventures of Peter Pan, Peter Pan (Kieran Lynch making his panto debut) is unable to fly and must band together with Tink (Rebecca Stenhouse), Wendy (Robyn Whyte), and a cast of characters, to defeat the evil Captain Hook (Grant Stott – notably performing his 25th pantomime). Auntie May, or on this occasion, May McSmee (Allan Stewart – celebrating 25 years as Edinburgh’s dame) and Smee (Jordan Young) help along the way in the group's quest to defeat Captain Hook and restore Peter’s ability to fly. Although the story is fairly clear throughout, Panto is the heart of the piece with many panto tropes like big production numbers, double entendre, and tons of comedy filling the 2-and-a-half-hour runtime.

© Douglas Robertson

You are treated to many comedy bits, with Jordan Young, now returning for a fourth season, being a real highlight. His ability to recap of the show in the second half is hilarious, as well as his performance with the dance group, Flawless. Jordan holds his own and can bust a move. Jordan is the Audience’s pal and has become a real Edinburgh panto staple alongside Allan and Grant. Allan Stewart remains on top form, celebrating an incredible run of 25 years as Edinburgh’s Dame. Allan Stewart, and his character, Aunty May, are the heart of the pantomime and audiences travel back each year to experience this comedic legend at work.

Grant Stott also returns as the panto villain and delivers a comically evil Captain Hook. He is Scotland’s favourite baddie, and it’s a real treat to see Grant and Allan’s friendship shine through on stage as they wind each other up and make each other laugh at various points in the performance to the audience’s laughter. Clare Gray as Starkey completes the returning lineup shining on stage with great comedic ability and works well with Allan, Grant, and Jordan. Britain’s Got Talent act, Flawless delivers energy within the production and are brilliant dancers. We are told they are Captain Hook’s guards, but it feels like they don't serve any purpose apart from doing random dance sections between scenes.

© Douglas Robertson

Harry Michaels and Allan Stewart’s script writing is exceptionally good with them following the narrative of Peter Pan trying to fly again, whilst crucially showcasing the comedic abilities of their cast to the fullest and giving each performer plenty of time in the spotlight. At two-and-a-half hours, this is a mammoth panto, but it’s incredibly fast-paced and is stuffed with panto goodies that keep every audience member engaged until curtain call. The Twins FX outdo themselves again this Christmas with a vast array of impressive visual effects and a mighty animatronic Crocodile that scares children and adults alike.

© Douglas Robertson

With impressive visuals, strong performances, brilliant special effects, and excellent comedy, The Pantomime Adventures of Peter Pan is the ultimate Christmas treat for any audience goer.

This production has been rated ☆☆☆☆

The Pantomime Adventures of Peter Pan runs at Festival Theatre, Edinburgh until the 31st of December. Book tickets here: The Pantomime Adventures of Peter Pan (



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