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★★★★★ Why Am I Like This? Review - By Abi Whitefield - The Scots Reviewer

Why am I like this? is a one-woman show written and performed by Nicole Nadler, reflecting on her life as she unknowingly lived with ADHD for 30 years. Knowing she was different from a young age, this self-reflection follows her long journey to diagnosis, prompted by recognising herself in an article found online during the pandemic.

This comedic play tells a rarely told story; that of a woman with ADHD. Women with ADHD are often ignored or left undiagnosed, as the perceived classic ADHD symptoms do not appear in most women, and therefore it isn’t often recognised. Why am I like this? highlights an important topic which has the potential to change someones life.

Nicole is a born storyteller. Her wit and energy whilst telling her own story are encapsulating, leaving the audience in the palm of her hand throughout the piece. A one-person show might not appeal to everyone, but this performance certainly didn’t feel like it's lacking anything with Nicole in control. Her heartwarming story left many audience members in tears, evidently recognising this story of self-discovery.

Why am I like this? is a heartfelt and powerful piece. Nicole’s self-recognition and ability to explain how other people have seen her, and how ADHD has affected her, is stunning. She’s endearing, hilarious and captivating and mixes humour with sincerity extremely well. A born performer, this is a story that needs hearing.

Why am I like this? runs at theSpace@Surgeons Hall until the 19th of August. Buy tickets here:



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