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The Rocky Horror Show Review
Review by Callum Stott.

"...remains as good today as it always has been."

Over 50 years old and still as sexy as ever, The Rocky Horror Show returns to Scotland's capital for a week-long run filled with iconic music, lots of fishnet stockings, and pure feel-good escapism.


The Rocky Horror Show was created in 1973 and started life in the West End. The musical then made its way to Broadway in 1975, and a movie version came out in the same year starring the show's stars, Tim Curry, and Richard ‘O’Brien (who also created the show), both reprising their roles of Frank N Furter and Riff Raff, respectively. The Rocky Horror Picture Show gained a large cult following over the years and is now an annual event for many cinema-goers. The Rocky Horror Show stays very close to the original production, filled with brilliant music and excellent characters, whilst having updated dialogue and staging, ensuring the show does not become a relic of the past but remains as good today as it always has been.

rocky 5.jpeg

The show is the perfect balance of surrealism and a love story. Surrealism lies in Frank N Furter being an alien transported from the planet Transexual in the galaxy of Transylvania, here to spread love and create life itself. A love story is present between Brad, a clean-cut wholesome type, and Janet, a small-town girl, who has recently married and stumbles across Frank's manor in need of help. During the show, they both grow in confidence, becoming more adventurous and spontaneous.

The musical's strength lies in its incredible music. The Time Warp, originally put in the show to fill extra time, has become a staple at any Halloween Party and is one of the most recognised songs in the musical theatre genre. Science Fiction/Double Feature is an ode to old-style Hollywood B movies, with many classic films referenced throughout the song if you listen carefully. The Rocky Horror Show's outrageous costumes also add to the fun and extravagance of the show.

As a touring cast goes, this one is strong. Haley Flaherty returns as Janet after playing the show in the West End and on tour. Hayley's performance is polished, and she brings real fire to the part, nailing the comedy and having a lovely set of vocals too.  Stephen Webb plays the extravagant and charming Frank N Furter. He involves the audience in the story and makes you feel like you are almost on stage with him, capturing the energy of previous performers whilst giving his spin on the character. Kristian Lavercombe is the gem in the Rocky Horror crown. His performance as the mysterious Riff Raff, the butler of Frank N Furter, is becoming almost as iconic as the show itself. Having performed in over 2000 performances of The Rocky Horror Show across the globe, Kristian’s performance gets better each time he performs the part. It is a real treat to see him perform his now iconic role. The 13-strong cast brings bags of energy and makes the 2-hour show a fantastic evening.

As you see the sell-out audience, and yourself, dancing along to the Time Warp or singing Sweet Transvestite as the show ends, you quickly realise that this show will one day no doubt be celebrating 100 years of rocking audiences.

The Rocky Horror Show runs at the Edinburgh Playhouse until the 18th of March.

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