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Starship Improvise

Review by Callum Stott.

"A tour de force in Improvisational comedy.

If quality improv is your thing, look no further than this year's star offering, Starship Improvise. With seven members of the Tony/ Olivier Award-winning companies: Mischief Theatre and The Showstoppers, as well as a witty sci-fi premise, this show is a tour de force in Improvisational comedy.

Set aboard the fictional ship the Celestia 7, the show starts with a convention whereby the characters are reliving their fondest memories of being on the show, particularly the episode you are about to watch. Of course, there was no show, and this is an improvisational comedy, so it is up to you, the audience, to name the episode and what feeling summed it up.

As each show is different, the show I viewed centred around, Meet the Future, whereby the characters met past versions of themselves to help save the world. The performer, Henry Lewis had to comically keep telling the company to remember that this show performs at 3 pm and not to be overly adult. Each show is incredibly different, so Starship Improvise is a show to see again and again.

Ultimately, this is feel-good improvisational comedy at it's finest. If you enjoy seeing shows like The Showstoppers each Fringe, this is the show for you. Or, if you are a newbie to Improv, this is also the show for you.

Starship Improvise runs at King Dome - Pleasance Dome until the 21st of August.

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