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★★★★★ Aaaand Now For Something Completely Improvised Review - By Abi Whitefield - The Scots Reviewer

Back for their tenth year at the fringe, Racing Minds bring their ever-entertaining Aaaand Now For Something Completely Improvised back to Edinburgh after a few years hiatus. Don’t think you like improv? Let this show change your mind!

From entering the room, this cast of four and one musician immerse you in their characters, setting the scene before you’ve even sat down. A forgetful grandfather wants to tell a story but can’t quite remember what it’s about. The audience shape the comedic play ahead, choosing a characters name, a setting, a secret and a title for the performance ahead. For the show attended, the play was called ‘where are we?’, with English explorers annoyed at the Norwegians for always beating them to new places to explore. Much of the show is premised on clothing made out of frozen wee. Not something you expect to see every day!

These four performers are exceptionally strong with utterly impressive improv skills. The chemistry and trust between the four is evident, with their strong relationship shaping their ability to push each other and try and trip each other up, but this ultimately improves the whole experience. Even when things appear to go a little wrong (such as hilariously bad accent creep), it’s quickly swept into the story without a beat being dropped, making the show even funnier. Their comedic timing and ability to entertain is on point. The pianist's importance within this show should not be ignored, providing an ever-relevant and comedic soundscape to the performance.

This is an excellent show with a truly talented cast. Not one to be missed.

Aaaand Now For Something Completely Improvised is at Assembly George Square Studios until he 13th of August. Book tickets here:



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