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★★★★★ Nicole Travolta is Doing Alright Review - By John Murray

Nicole is certainly doing alright in her one-woman show, but getting there is a whole new story. In just under one hour, within the intimacy of Greenside Riddles Court, this young lady from LA gives us her traumatic yet comic life story.

Wholly captivating and completely illustrated on screen, she understandably and almost immediately explains how people perceive her surname, Travolta. More a hindrance rather than a link to celebrity, her adult life began on a waterbed, and shopping became an obsession. Of course, it was so easy to get credit cards and many of them – even at Home Depot (which is like a kind of B&Q in the US). Now single, the debts got worse and jobless desperation took hold. The audience felt sympathy but was treated to her comic adventures too, and are told with pace and a degree of irony.

With a life-changing course to fund, the last resort was working in a spray tan salon where a whole new chapter began. The clients involved become further comic adventures, and now what about home visits? The show is brought to life with uncanny impressions like Carrie Bradshaw and Drew Barrymore and was first devised when Covid stopped all face-to-face activities. Co-written by Lauren Burns, the show opened with a successful run in Los Angeles before this debut run in Edinburgh along with Executive Producer Katie Fortunato. The next steps could be a New York City run and can see this being adapted for television to at least a six-part series and we all know where that could lead. Tragic, funny and fully entertaining, a happier Travolta is doing alright.

Nicole Travolta is Doing Alright runs at Greenside @ Riddles Court until the 26th of August. Book tickets here:



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