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Peter Pan Goes Wrong Review - By Callum Stott

An adaptation of one of the theatre's most iconic stories by JM Barrie in Peter Pan, clever staging design with rotating set and large set pieces, and a talented cast make you think what could go wrong? In this show, everything. Gladly, this is the best part about it and is the only time when as things keep going wrong, the audience loves it even more. Peter Pan Goes Wrong does what it says on the tin, a funny but extremely clever take on one of theatre’s most well-loved tales.

Mischief Theatre who produce this production has gone from strength to strength, starting with some friends from drama school, creating a unique brand of comedy performance. They started doing smaller-scale festival-type shows, and the buzz of this new breed of theatre quickly led to their show “The Play That Goes Wrong” opening in London’s West End. The show was a smash hit touring the UK alongside a West End run, then eventually opening on Broadway. Their success also led to touring further shows including Magic Goes Wrong, and a successful BBC series titled The Goes Wrong Show, reaching new audiences who might not have experienced their antics in the theatre. From smaller clubs and fringe venues to the bright lights of Broadway, and their TV Show, Mischief Theatre’s rise is a phenomenal achievement.

Peter Pan Goes Wrong is embarking on its 2nd UK tour and is every bit as funny as its predecessor, The Play That Goes Wrong. The show focuses on the fictional Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society staging a production of Peter Pan. The show kicks off before the curtain opens with audience members passing down pieces of rope to help the stagehands. You meet a host of characters including Dennis Tyde (Played by Clark Devlin) who is taking on the role of John Darling. Dennis unfortunately cannot remember any of his lines so needs his words prompted through headphones.

One of the memorable moments in the show involves a stage revolve sequence whereby the set starts spinning around and you start to see what happens backstage. Cue the different mini-dramas between cast members playing out comically. The sets are genius with them feeling they could be from a touring production of Peter Pan, but having parts that are intentionally and very safely faulty or broken, which adds to the absurd humour of the piece. A clever set of bunk beds that fall on top of one other makes such a chaotic moment, that is incredibly funny and is timed so well to bring out the most laughs. The timings are so important, and the team led by stage manager Liam O’Carroll have it down to a millisecond to ensure safety and the best possible laughs from the audience throughout. As this is a real ensemble piece, the cast is all brilliant and can convincingly play amateur actors, playing parts in a play.

Peter Pan Goes Wrong is a farce comedy at its best. Filled with belly laughs, Mischief Theatre's effort is equally funny and clever.

This production has been rated ★★★★

Peter Pan Goes Wrong runs at Edinburgh Playhouse until the 2nd of March. Book Edinburgh tickets here: It will then play Glasgow's Theatre Royal from the 4th of March - 9th of March. Book Glasgow tickets here:



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