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★★★ Skye Scraper Review - By Abi Whitefield - The Scots Reviewer

The Life and Times of a Drag Queen Accountant is in many ways a typical drag show. Expect lip-sync, stilettos, and overall full camp. With this performance being staged in a bar, it provides the perfect opportunity to set up a good night of fringe-going. However, accountancy is certainly not what usually comes to mind when thinking of a drag show.

The show explores the balance of being a professional accountant by day, whilst becoming a ‘7-foot glamazon’ at night. Half the stage represents a brightly lit office, the other a performance area. Excellent storytelling tells of the trials and tribulations of owning these two identities, leading to self-questioning of who they really are behind both masks.

Their story of performing at Perth Fringe whilst working as an accountant by day was emotional, exhilarating and melodramatic, providing a dramatic highlight. Bringing an audience member on stage and making them dance was a true recipe for success. However, the show ended quite suddenly, leaving the audience wanting more.

The show felt a little disjointed in places as Skye often broke up the flow to explain to "accountants" what was going on, expecting they wouldn’t understand drag. This was funny, to begin with, but didn’t really feel necessary for a very willing crowd. Skye had some entertaining interactions with the tech department, but this became a bit too repetitive. However, Skye has excellent lip sync, acting and dancing skills and the full potential to be a star. Although a strong concept, the show just needs a bit more finessing.

Skye Scraper: The Life and Times of a Drag Queen Accountant runs at the Assembly George Square Studios until the 27th of August. Book tickets here:



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